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About Us
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McKenzie Management
"With over 30 Years of helping dentists reach their own Visions of Success, we are in a unique position to help you make the most of your practice."
Sally McKenzie, CEO

McKenzie Management is one of the nation’s leading dental management and practice development consulting firms. Working “on-site” with dentists across the U. S. since 1980, McKenzie Management provides knowledge, guidance and personalized systems that have propelled thousands of general and specialty practices to realize their potential and reach their own visions of success.

How do you know if you really need McKenzie Management?

We understand that hiring a management company is a big decision. In order for you and us to be successful….it’s very important that we have a clear understanding of your goals and objectives for practice improvement.

Perhaps you want to make more money. Maybe you would like to work more or possibly you would like to have the flexibility to take more time off. Possibly you are seeking more control over your schedule, your team, or your finances. Or perhaps what you really want is less stress. Maybe you just have a feeling that something isn’t right or you are not enjoying dentistry as much as you once did. Possibly you are considering some major changes such as a new location or bringing on an associate or a partner. All of these are valid reasons to consider hiring a management company. You…your desires…and your goals are important to us.
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